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Trem Orion Horseshoe Lifebuoy

A floating horseshoe lifebuoy with ergonomic waist hugging design, safety buckle strap and removable protective covering.

By Trem : N1575077
Part #: SY012A
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Trem Orion Horseshoe Lifebuoy

This Trem Orion horseshoe lifebuoy is a floating buoyancy device that features an ergonomic waist hugging design, safety buckle strap, and removable protective covering.

For extra safety, it is always advisable to have a rescue system on board so a floating lifebuoy is a good idea. This Trem Orion horseshoe lifebuoy provides a suitable safety device in case there is a 'man overboard' situation.

The horseshoe design provides the option for a person to fit within the 'U' shape floatation device which can give good support.

This particular lifebuoy horseshoe could be placed on pre-existing lifebuoy holders in replacement of previous safety buoyancy aids.


Colour Yellow
Width 500mm
Height 510mm
Depth 100mm

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