Turtle Boat Sun Shade
  • Turtle Boat Sun Shade
  • Turtle Boat Sun Shade
  • Turtle Boat Sun Shade
  • Turtle Boat Sun Shade
  • Turtle Boat Sun Shade
  • Turtle Boat Sun Shade
  • Turtle Boat Sun Shade
  • Turtle Boat Sun Shade

Turtle Boat Sun Shade

A lightweight, easy to install boat sun shade that will help keep the hot sunshine at bay and leave a cooler shaded area onboard.

Turtle Boat Sun Shade (HF310)

This product has been discontinued and is currently unavailable.

Turtle Boat Sun Shade Information

Our thoughts...

We have fitted this sun shade to a standard Freeman 23 soft top (as shown in the pictures) and it fits very nicely. Installation to other Freeman Cruisers may vary but should be just as easy. It may not be suitable for boats fitted with a hardtop.

This lightweight, easy to put up turtle boat sun shade is ideal for hot sunny days onboard as it will help to protect you from the strong sunlight by creating a cooler shaded area onboard.

The turtle sun shade canopy is lightweight (approximately 4Kg), easy to use, mildew and water resistant and will not fade. The shade is supported by strong, flexible fibreglass arms, when the sun shade is open it measures 180 x 180cm. The support pole is powder coated steel with a rubber foot and can be raised or lowered between 182cm and 272cm in height depending on the application.

When you wish to store the motor boat sun shade away onboard you can pack it away into the included robust nylon carry bag.

By putting up this boat sun umbrella you can create a shaded cockpit or deck area which will allow you to lower the boat canopy whilst still enjoying the sun and cool river breeze.

How do I install my new Turtle Boat Sun Shade?

The boat sun umbrella is quite simple to install on to all sorts of river cruisers, dinghies, yachts, ribs and many other applications.

  • Simply position the support pole in the centre of the area you wish to keep shaded from the sun.
  • Raise the sun shade umbrella so that it is the correct height for your application and lock open.
  • Clip the adjustable nylon straps directly on to the four corner hooks that are already in place.
  • Connect the other end of the adjustable nylon straps (that have hooks already attached) on to a suitable anchoring point such as a cleat or rail.
  • Adjust the nylon support straps so that the sun shade umbrella is locked into position securely and safely.

Please note: These installation notes are for guidance only and each installation may vary.

Turtle Boat Sun Shade Specifications

Length when Open 180cm
Width when Open 180cm
Height when Open 182-270cm
Length when Closed 180cm
Width when Closed 11cm
Height when Closed 11cm
Support Pole Diameter 35mm
Support Straps Length 92-170cm

Included in the Turtle Boat Sun Shade

  • Turtle Sun Shade
  • Extension Pole
  • Nylon support Straps (x4)
  • Nylon Carry Bag

Please note: This boat sun shade is designed to be used when anchored.