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LeeSan Deck Filler Key

A plastic deck filler key with a hexagonal tip, two different straight tips and two dual pin tips to help with the opening of deck filler caps.

LeeSan Universal Deck Filler Key

By Lee Sanitation : 02040
Part #: TT060
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SRP £4.31
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LeeSan Deck Filler Key

The LeeSan Deck Filler Key is a great addition to your tool kit or as a replacement, this deck filler key will open the majority of common marine deck fillers (petrol filler cap, diesel filler cap, water filler cap, pump out cap, rinse filler cap etc.). The hexagonal key is most commonly found on pump out deck fittings.

These Lee San deck filler keys are now red and not white.

The Leesan Deck Filler Key Features

  • Hexagon Tip (Approximately 16mm in diameter)
  • Straight Tip (Approximately 9mm wide)
  • Thin Straight Tip (Approximately 5mm wide)
  • Narrow Pins (Approximately 20mm centre to centre)
  • Wide Pins (Approximately 27mm centre to centre).


Colour Red
Height 70mm
Handle Width 97mm
Handle Depth 9mm
Hexagonal Tip Diameter 16mm
Straight Tip Width 9mm
Thin Straight Tip Width 5mm
Narrow Pin Centres 20mm
Wide Pin Centres 27mm

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