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Vetus Fuel Safe

A fuel theft protection device for fuel filler pipes that prevents insertion of a siphon hose into the fuel tank.

Part #: TA061
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Vetus Fuel Safe

Fuel theft has become a serious problem in many marinas around the world. Fuel prices are still rising and unfortunately, boats have become a target for fuel thieves. Because of the way boats are designed, it can be quite difficult to prevent boat fuel theft.

The Vetus Fuel Safe anti-fuel theft device can help reduce the risk of boat fuel theft by making it difficult for the fuel thieves to gain access to the boats fuel tank through the fuel filler hose; a common method of taking fuel from boats.

By placing the boat fuel safe device into the boat's fuel filler hose it provides a restrictive block to prevent a siphon hose from being inserted any further. The design allows fuel, either petrol or diesel, to flow past but does not allow hoses to be pushed past.

This allows you to continue to fill and use the fuel tank as usual but with the added protection to prevent thieves.

The Vetus Fuel Safe is both petrol and diesel-resistant and installation is extremely easy; in most cases, there is no need to dismantle any systems. Full fitting instructions and fitting tools come with the kit.


Height 72mm
Diameter 55mm
Suitable for Fuel hose internal diameter 38-51mm (1 1/2"-2")
Please Note

This fuel security device is not suitable for rigid or steel fuel filler pipes.

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