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Vetus Type 330 Engine Cooling Water Strainer

An engine cooling water strainer with transparent lid that allows for instant inspection and quick and easy cleaning access to the filter.

By Vetus : FTR330/25
Part #: GV305B
Availability: In Stock


Vetus Type 330 Engine Cooling Water Strainer

The Vetus engine cooling water strainer provides a protective filter between the external water and an engine's water cooling system. Once fitted, the Vetus water strainer helps to collect debris that can pass up through the sea cock into the engine cooling system. When the replaceable fine mesh Vetus Water Strainer 330 Basket is in place it prevents large foreign matter from entering and potentially causing major problems to the engine.

The Vetus water strainers have a transparent screw-down lid with a rubber o-ring that creates a watertight seal and prevents water from penetrating the seal.

The transparent lid allows for easy inspection of the filter and the screw thread lid is both quick and easy to remove without dismantling so cleaning the filter can also be quick and efficient. Due to the large active surface area of the filter, however, the filter seldom needs to be cleaned.


Height 162mm
Diameter 148mm
Hose Connection Diameter 25mm

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