Water Pump / Stern Grease

Water Pump & Stern Grease

A high grade, calcium based water repellent grease for use with stern glands and water pumps.

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Water Pump / Stern Grease (CM031)

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Water Pump & Stern Grease Information

Water Pump & Stern Grease is a very thick 'old-fashioned', calcium based water repellent engine water pump grease, recommended for both plain and anti-friction bearings, ideally suited on boats for the stern gland shaft log, rudder greaser and engine water pump.

Greasing Stern Gland with Grease Cap

Water Pump & Stern Grease is particularly useful on boats such as Freeman Cruisers when you are greasing the log with a grease cap rather than with a remote greaser (which prefers the thinner K99 grease to get through the tube).

Very often the grease is not restrained in the shaft log and simply passes through and out of the stern tube and into the water wasting much of the grease we use. Therefore a thick stern tube grease, can be used more efficiently with less waste.

Water Pump & Stern Grease Specification

Quantity 500g
Grease Type Calcium
Grease Consistency NLGI 4

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