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Water Resistant Rubber LED Head Torch

A water resistant compact rubber headtorch with three LED's and fully adjustable elasticated head band that features three light modes.

Part #: SY530
Availability: No Longer Available
This product is no longer available for sale, please contact us and we will do our best to source it.


Water Resistant Rubber LED Head Torch

This water resistant compact head torch provides a way of lighting up an area that you are looking at, without trying to position a torch or holding one and only having one hand free to do the work! This torch features three LED's with three light modes, one bulb in use, three bulbs in use and three bulbs flashing. The body of the head torch is made from rubber which can withstand dropping from one metre and the ergonomic design sits comfortably on to your forehead.

The long life energy saving LED bulbs can last 50,000 hours or 5.5 years of average use and provide 10 Lumens of light. The rubber design ensures the LED head torch is water resistant (IPX4) and power from the two batteries (2x C2032 included) is enough for 20 hours of use and can be switched on/off using the rubber switch positioned on top of the light itself.

Water Resistant Rubber LED Head Torch Specifications

Brightness 10 Lumens
Number of LED's 3
Bulb Hours 50,000 (5.5 years)
Length 120m
Height 33mm
Depth 28mm
Batteries 2x C2032
Beam Metres 10m

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