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WaterMota Block Drain Tap

The WaterMota engine block drain tap.

Part #: N3580
Availability: In Stock


WaterMota Block Drain Tap

WaterMota engine block drain tap to fit the Ford WaterMota engine block. The drain tap allows you to drain the WaterMota engine of water/coolant when servicing or laying the engine up for winter.

Which WaterMota engine is this suitable for?

The WaterMota exhaust manifold drain tap is suitable for the majority of WaterMota petrol engines including the WaterMota Sea Wolf Mk1 & Mk2 and WaterMota Sea Tiger Mk1 & Mk2.

WaterMota Block Drain Tap Specifications

Compatible with WaterMota Sea Wolf Mk1 & Mk2, WaterMota Sea Tiger Mk1 & Mk2
Engine Type Pre-Crossflow & Crossflow

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