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WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Exhaust Manifold

Made in the United Kingdom

The standard WaterMota exhaust manifold bare for most WaterMota Pre-Crossflow engines.

By WaterMota : W0130
Part #: W0130
Availability: In Stock

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Exhaust Manifold

The WaterMota Pre-Crossflow exhaust manifold bare attaches to the cylinder head where the exhaust gases are passed out to the stern of the boat connected to the exhaust injection bend. When fitted with its cover plate an internal water jacket is created, fed via the engine water pump, which cools and helps to silence the exhaust system.

Which WaterMota engine is this suitable for?

The WaterMota exhaust manifold bare is suitable for the majority of WaterMota Pre-Crossflow petrol engines including the WaterMota Sea Wolf Mk1 and WaterMota Sea Tiger Mk1.


Compatible with WaterMota Sea Wolf Mk1, WaterMota Sea Tiger Mk1
Engine Type Pre-Crossflow
Please Note

The WaterMota Pre-Crossflow exhaust manifold is usually supplied bare as the cover plate is nearly always re-usable.

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