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WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Bottom Gasket Set

A bottom gasket set for the WaterMota Pre-Crossflow petrol engines.

Part #: W2433
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WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Bottom Gasket Set

The bottom gasket set contains the gaskets for the lower half of the WaterMota Ford Pre-Crossflow petrol engines, it is suitable for both the WaterMota Sea Wolf and Sea Tiger models.

Which WaterMota engine is this suitable for?

The WaterMota Pre-Crossflow bottom gasket set is suitable for the majority of WaterMota Pre-Crossflow petrol engines including the WaterMota Sea Wolf Mk1 and WaterMota Sea Tiger Mk1.

Included in the WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Bottom Gasket Set


Compatible with WaterMota Sea Wolf Mk1, WaterMota Sea Tiger Mk1
Engine Type Pre-Crossflow

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