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Waveline Adjustable Seat Pedestal

Polished anodised aluminium adjustable height seat pedestal with swivel & lock seat support and universal fixing plate.

Part #: UP580A
Availability: In Stock

Waveline Adjustable Seat Pedestal

The Waveline adjustable seat pedestal allows you to install a boat helm seat or navigators seat into position onboard your boat and allows for height variation and 360 degrees of swivel.

The adjustable pedestal is constructed from polished anodised aluminium with robust plastic thumb screw locks and catches. The seat pedestal can be mounted with the heavy weight support base and the six counter sunk bolt holes.

The height adjustment ranges from 320-468mm. The multi lock catches ensure the pedestal stays in the position it is set at and the pin lock provides excellent support. To raise the pedestal simple unscrew the lock, pull the pin, raise the pedestal and lock into position. Likewise, to lower, unlock, lower and lock into position.

Once a seat is attached to the seat support bracket it can be rotated 360 degrees by simple unscrewing the locking latch and rotating. Once a position is found, lock the seat bracket safely in place.

Seats can be either mounted directly on to the universal fixing plate using the pre-arranged fixing holes on the underside of the seat or, a simple ply wood base fixed to the seat and then the pedestal can help fix almost any seat to the boat pedestal.

Wise Adjustable Pedestal Specifications

Height when Lowered 320mm
Height when Raised 468mm
Base Diameter 230mm
Base Fixing Bolt Holes 100mm
Swivel 360 degrees
Seat Support Length 168mm
Seat Support Width 166mm
Seat Support Fixing Hole Length 29mm
Seat Support Fixing Hole Width 8mm
Seat Support Connection 115 - 140mm Hole Pattern
Seat Connections Suitably used with 115 - 140mm Hole Pattern

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