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Waveline Horseshoe Lifebuoys

A floating horseshoe lifebuoy with mounting bracket and holder, floating rescue light, grab rope and safety clip strap.

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Waveline Yellow Horseshoe Lifebuoy (SY016A)

By: Waveline, Part No.: WL-175301EL
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£24.17 (29%)

Waveline White Horseshoe Lifebuoy (SY016B)

By: Waveline, Part No.: WL-175302EL
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Waveline Horseshoe Lifebuoys Information

This Waveline horseshoe lifebuoy is a floating buoyancy device that features an ergonomic waist hugging design, safety clip strap, grab rope, mounting bracket and holder and a floating rescue light.

For extra safety it is always advisable to have a rescue system onboard so a floating lifebuoy is a good idea. This Waveline horseshoe lifebuoy provides a suitable safety device incase there is a 'man overboard' situation.

The horseshoe design provides the option for a person to fit within the 'U' shape floatation device which can give good support.

This particular lifebuoy horseshoe is finished with a canvas-like material that is soft to the touch and comes complete with a rail/side mountable bracket and floating rescue light. It may also fit existing brackets in replacement of previous safety buoyancy aids.

Waveline Horseshoe Lifebuoys Specification

  SY016A SY016B
Colour Yellow White
Width 550mm
Height 500mm
Depth (On Bracket) 100mm (150mm)

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