Whale Automatic Float Switch

Whale Automatic Float Switch

Automatic float switch that can be mounted horizontally or vertically and is designed in a way that prevents a rapid on/off cycle.

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Whale Automatic Float Switch (EC371)

By: Whale Part No.: BE9002
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Whale Automatic Float Switch Information

The Whale Automatic Float Switch works with the level of water present. When the switch floats up beyond the safe water level it automatic switches the bilge pump on to lower the level again. In essence, the bilge pump will only operate once the boat float switch raises to the 'on' position. The pump will continue to operate until the water level drops the float switch to the 'off' position.

As the positioning of a float switch is relatively important the Whale automatic float switch has the added benefit of being able to be installed either horizontally or vertically. This means you can either install the switch directly on to the bottom of the bilge or on to the wall of the bilge area. The compact design also helps with spacing saving in the bilge area.

This bilge switch has a quiet operation and is environmentally safe as it is completely free from mercury. 

The switch can be wired with the use of the pre-stripped twin core wire.

Whale Automatic Float Switch Specifications

Length 109mm
Width 60mm
Height 56mm
Wire Length 620mm
Maximum Ampage 15 amps

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