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Whale Gulper 220 Grey Waste Pump

A powerful 12 volt waste water and shower waste pump with a no clog, filter-free, self priming design and multiple installation options.

By Whale : BP1552
Part #: WA510
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Whale Gulper 220 Grey Waste Pump

The Whale Gulper 220 12 volt electric sink and shower waste pump will pump grey waste water from sink drains and shower drains directly to holding tanks with its internal, no clog and filter-free, large single diaphragm. This shower waste pump will handle hair and hair gel without clogging and can run dry without damage.

The easy to install pump has a multidirectional inlet/outlet head that rotates 360 degrees for convenient installation and mounting. The installation mounts have rubber feet that help to absorb vibrations which in turn helps to dampen any pump noise.

With a double valve outlet design the Gulper 220 will run continuously, ensuring the flow is continuos. The easy maintenance, non-choke valve and no filter design helps to prevent clogging making this a robust and reliable grey waste water pump.

Pumping up to 13.4 litres per minute (3.5 gallons per minute) with a maximum current of 3.5 amps and self priming up to 3m, this pump combines low power consumption with high output flow.


Length 273mm
Height 117mm
Width 173mm
Applications Grey Waste Water
Head 3m (10ft)
Maximum Suction Lift 3m (10ft)
Output Up to 804 litres per hour (up to 13.4 litres per minute) / 210 gallons per hour (3.5 gallons per minute)
Inlet 19mm (3/4")
Outlet 19-25mm (3/4-1")
Voltage 12v
Maximum Amps 3.5 amps

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