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Whale Mk5 & Gusher Deckplate Gaiter Kit

A Whale deckplate gaiter service kit that is suitable for the Whale Mk5 Universal, Henderson Mk5 Universal and Gusher hand pumps and the Lavac Taylor toilet waste hand pump.

Whale Mk5 Deckplate Gaiter Kit

By Whale : AS3725
Part #: EC919
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Whale Mk5 & Gusher Deckplate Gaiter Kit

This Whale Mk 5 Universal Pump deckplate gaiter service kit ensures a good seal between the deckplate cover and pump and is suitable for the Whale Mk 5 Universal, Henderson Mk 5 Universal hand pumps, Henderson Chimp Mk2 hand pumps and Whale Gusher 10 & 30 Thru Deck bilge pump.

Which pumps is this suitable for?

The Whale Mk5 & Gusher 10 & 30 deckplate gaiter service kit is suitable for the Whale BP0510 Mk 5 Universal Pump, Whale BP0527, Whale BP0535, Henderson MH0510 Mk 5 Universal Pump, Henderson MH5550 hand pumps, Whale Gusher 10 BP3740 and Whale BP3020 Gusher 30 Though Deck pumps.


Compatible with Whale Mk 5 Universal, Henderson Mk 5 Universal Pumps, Henderson Chimp Mk 2 Thru Deck/Bulkhead Pump, Gusher 10 Thru Deck & Gusher 30 Thru Deck Pump
Gaiter Internal Diameter 27mm
Gaiter External Diameter 107mm
O Ring Internal Diameter 75mm
O Ring External Diameter 82mm

What's Included

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