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Whale Mk5 & Gusher Deckplate Gaiter Kit

A Whale deckplate gaiter service kit that is suitable for the Whale Mk5 Universal, Henderson Mk5 Universal and Gusher hand pumps and the Lavac Taylor toilet waste hand pump.

By Whale : AS3725
Part #: EC919
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Whale Mk5 & Gusher Deckplate Gaiter Kit

This Whale Mk 5 Universal Pump deckplate gaiter service kit ensures a good seal between the deckplate cover and pump and is suitable for the Whale Mk 5 Universal, Henderson Mk 5 Universal hand pumps, Henderson Chimp Mk2 hand pumps and Whale Gusher 10 & 30 Thru Deck bilge pump.

Which pumps is this suitable for?

The Whale Mk5 & Gusher 10 & 30 deckplate gaiter service kit is suitable for the Whale BP0510 Mk 5 Universal Pump, Whale BP0527, Whale BP0535, Henderson MH0510 Mk 5 Universal Pump, Henderson MH5550 hand pumps, Whale Gusher 10 BP3740 and Whale BP3020 Gusher 30 Though Deck pumps.


Compatible with Whale Mk 5 Universal, Henderson Mk 5 Universal Pumps, Henderson Chimp Mk 2 Thru Deck/Bulkhead Pump, Gusher 10 Thru Deck & Gusher 30 Thru Deck Pump
Gaiter Internal Diameter 27mm
Gaiter External Diameter 107mm
O Ring Internal Diameter 75mm
O Ring External Diameter 82mm

What's Included

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