Whale Mk5 Universal Pump
  • Whale Mk5 Universal Pump
  • Whale Mk5 Universal Pump
  • Whale Mk5 Universal Pump
  • Whale Mk5 Universal Pump

Whale Mk5 Universal Pump

A versatile high performance, reliable, easily maintained hand bilge pump that can be mounted in three orientations.

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Whale Mk5 Universal Pump (EC950)

By: Whale, Part No.: BP0510
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Whale Mk5 Universal Pump Information

The Whale Mk5 Universal hand pump was first designed in the 1940's. Testament to the design and performance of this pump it is still performing as well if not better than before. After years of refinement the Whale Mk5 pump is a high performance and reliable marine pump that is suitable for bilge water, sea water or diesel transfer.

The fully enclosed protected diaphragm and non choke valve design means that the pump is very reliable, with a flow rate of up to 66 Litres per minute (17.5 US Gallons per minute), and maintenance is hassle free with the built in screw top inspection hatch with odour proof seals; not to mention the good, continual supply of spare parts and accessories for the Whale Mk5 Universal pump that are available.

A stainless steel handle is supplied with the Whale Mk5 bilge pump that features an easy grip handle and lanyard.

An especially useful feature of this particular bilge pump is the three separate mounting orientations that are on available with the cleverly designed mounting bracket and accessories that are available.

Mounting Orientations

  • On Deck:- Fixed flush, the removable handle can be pulled up and down to create a pumping action.
  • On Bulkhead:- Fixed to the side of a bulkhead the removable handle can be push forward and backward to create a pumping action.
  • Thru Deck:- Fixed on the underside of a deck the removable handle can be inserted from the topside (via a Deckplate kit which is sold separately at Sheridan Marine) into the rocker arm and the pumping action can be created. Once pumping is no longer required the handle can be removed and the Deckplate (sold separately at Sheridan Marine) cover can be shut for stowage.

Whale Mk5 Universal Pump Specifications

Diaphragm Material Nitrile
Suitable for Water / Oil / Diesel transfer
Flow Rate up to 66 Litres per minute (17.5 US Gallons per minute)
Height (with handle) 187mm (481mm)
Width 169mm
Depth 139mm
Suction Lift 4.5m (15ft)
Discharge Head 4.5m (15ft)
Hose Connection 38mm (1 1/2")
Material Polypropylene

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