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Whale Supersub Smart 650
Whale Supersub Smart 650
Whale Supersub Smart 650
Whale Supersub Smart 650
Whale Supersub Smart 650
Whale Supersub Smart 650
Whale Supersub Smart 650
Whale Supersub Smart 650
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Whale Supersub Smart 650 Bilge Pump

A low profile, high performance automatic electric bilge pump with 'Electric Field Sensor Technology' that detects water height and operates the pump complete with non-returne valve.

Whale Supersub Smart 650

By Whale : SS5212
Part #: EC362
Availability: Good Availability
SRP £81.56
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Whale Supersub Smart 650 Bilge Pump

The Whale Supersub Smart 650 low profile high performance automatic electric bilge pump housing sophisticated sensor technology that automatically detects and operates according to the water level, complete with non-return valve.

With the aid of 'Electric Field Sensor Technology' this marine bilge pump uses senors to detect the height of the water. When the water level rises to a predetermined height the pump activates and once the water level has reduced the pump automatically stops. This unique technology is unaffected by wave motion, meaning it can function fully in some of the worst conditions.

The unique design of the Whale Supersub bilge pump, its characteristic low profile horizontal layout, brings an innovative spectrum of installation benefits. By detaching the pump unit from the base, by simple twisting the body in the correct manner, the base can be neatly mounted on the floor or a side panel. The outlet hose can be positioned to face sideways or up depending on what suits the installation. This boat bilge pump also has a manual override facility.

A detachable pump guard is placed in front of the mechanical pump to protect it from large debris which can be easily removed for cleaning. The rest of the unit is solid state with no moving parts and is completely free from mercury.

The built-in non-return valve prevents water drainign back.

Certifications and Standards

  • Conforms to ISO 8849 and ISO 15083
  • Ignition protected per ABYC and USCG standards
  • CE Certified Directive 89/336/EEC - EMC compliant

Whale Supersub Bilge Pump Specifications

Open Flow rate at 13.6 V d.c. 640 GPH (2400 Litres per hour)
Flow rate at 1m (3ft) head 550GPH (2040 Litres per hour)
Nominal Voltage 12v
Current Draw 3.4 amps
Recommended Automotive Fuse 5 amp
Weight 0.326kg
Hose Connection 19mm (3/4")
Maximum Head Discharge 3m (9.8ft)
Height 75mm
Width 54mm
Length 212mm


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