Whale V Pump Mk 5 and Mk 6 Service Kit

Whale V-Pump Service Kit

A service kit for the Whale V-Pump containing the replacable parts and seals on the Mk 5 or Mk 6 pumps.

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Whale V Pump Mk 5 and Mk 6 Service Kit (WA132)

By: Whale, Part No.: AK0618
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Whale V-Pump Service Kit Information

The Whale Elegance Tap and Shower Service Kit includes the main serviceable parts and seals inside the V-Pump including the main suction cup washer.

The kit is useful if your V-Pump is leaking, slow to prime or if the pump won't pump at all.

Which pump is this suitable for?

The Whale V-Pump service kit is suitable for the Whale V-Pump Mk5 & Mk6 hand water pumps.

Whale V-Pump Mk 5 and Mk 6 Service Kit Specifications

Compatible With Whale V-Pump Mk5 & Mk6

Included in the Whale V-Pump Service Kit

  • Cup Packing (x1)
  • Valve (x1)
  • Valve Stem (x1)
  • Plunger Cup Seat O-Ring (x1)
  • U Gland Packing (x1)
  • Base O-Ring (x1)
  • Head O-Ring (x1)

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