Wiper Motor 12v - White Body

Wiper Motor

A white body, stainless steel, 12 or 24 volt windscreen wiper motor with self parking feature.

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Wiper Motor 12v - White Body (DF1009)


Wiper Motor Information

This 12 volt or 24 volt windscreen wiper motor is a robust unit with weather resistant rubber seals, stainless steel construction and white coated body and is designed for the marine environment. It features a self parking position and has a sweeping angle of 110° offering a wide cleaning angle.

Windscreen Wiper Motor Specifications

Voltage 12v
Amps 1.0 Amp (12v) / 0.5 Amp (24v)
Fuse 1.5 Amp (12v) / 1.0 Amp (24v)
Wiper Body Length 80mm
Wiper Body Width 109mm
Wiper Body Height 70mm
Shaft Length 90mm
Shaft Diameter 12mm
Spindle Diameter 6mm
Angle of Operation 110°

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