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Wiper Motor Kit

A stainless steel 12 volt windscreen wiper motor kit complete with wiper motor, wiper arm and wiper blade.

Windscreen Wiper Motor Kit

Part #: DF256B
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Wiper Motor Kit

The wiper motor kit comes complete with a windscreen wiper motor, sprung loaded, 8"-12" extendable wiper arm and an 11" wiper blade. The wiper motor has a 110° sweep with optional self-parking feature.

The 12 volt wiper motor has a very thin shaft diameter to match the unusually small hole supplied in the Freeman windscreens. As the windscreens were originally of toughened glass they cannot be drilled out and they will easily shatter if tampered with.

With a short wiper motor body it can easily fit on the Freeman's with a steeply raked windscreens (such as the Freeman 22's and Freeman 23's) without touching the cabin top making them suitable for the majority of classic and new style range of Freeman Cruisers.

An inline switch can be added between the motor and the deck plug or dash mounted as originally supplied if the wiper package was ordered with a new boat.

Windscreen Wiper Motor Kit Specifications

Voltage 12v
Sweeping Angle 110°
Wiper Body Length 80mm
Wiper Body Width 83mm
Wiper Body Height 56mm
Shaft Length 62mm
Shaft Diameter 9mm
Spindle Diameter 6mm
Wiper Arm Length (min-max) 8-12" (200-305mm)
Suitable Replacement Wiper Blades 11" or 14" 5mm Slide Clip
Wiper Arm Male Slide Clip Width 5mm
Wiper Blade Length 11" (280mm)
Wiper Blade Female Slide Clip Width 5mm

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