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Yachticon Purytec Toilet (Head) Treatment System Refill

A replacement toilet (head) treatment system bottle to help eliminate smells and odours.

Yachticon Purytec Head Treatment System Refill

By Yachticon : 1.0602.00535.00000
Part #: TT019A
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Yachticon Purytec Toilet (Head) Treatment System Refill

A replacement head treatment system refill bottle, suitable for approximately 1000 flushes, it fits into the Yachticon Purytec Toilet (Head) Treatment System.

Yachticon Purytec Toilet Treatment System Features

  • Combats toilet smells
  • Combats micro-growth in the flush
  • Cleans the toilet bowl and plumbing
  • Reduces mineral/solids (scale) build-up
  • Deodourises as it cleans
  • Environmentally safe (No Formaldehyde)
  • Fast and simple to fit and refill
  • Keeps your toilet system clean and fragrant

Yachticon Purytec Head Treatment System Refill Installation

The refills are easy to fit; simply rotate the T piece bottle adapter, unscrew the old refill, check the o-ring is still in place, screw in the new refill and rotate the adapter back into its original position.

Please Note

Due to hygiene we cannot accept any returns for toilet spare parts if opened.

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