Bilge Painting Projects & Solutions

A series of FREE Mini Guides for boating projects that run through the basic steps for the practical boat owner. This Mini Guide concentrates on refurbishing the boats bilge areas and how to prepare and paint the bilges and look after them for the future.



Pump any water out with a Manual or Electric Bilge Pump and collect oil, sludge and grease to dispose responsibly.

Sponges help collect the remaining puddle.

Whale Easy Bailer Manual Bilge Pumps
from £26.99
Save: £4.76 (15%)


A heavy duty, eco-friendly De-greaser will actively remove oil, grease and sludge deposits.

Once dried, the bilge should be ready for painting.

Ecoworks Marine Eco Bilge Cleaner
Save: £4.21 (22%)

Bilge Paint

Bilge Paint is a durable & robust paint that has been specifically designed to adhere better to slightly greasy surfaces.

A clean bilge helps identify early symptoms of engine leaks.

Hempel Bilge & Locker Paint
Save: £2.32 (9%)


After all the hard work Oil Absorbent Pads & Booms help to keep the bilge tidy.

Routine maintenance can keep the bilge clean and safe during the season.



Install a Bilge Blower kit to remove offensive fumes from building in the bilge.

An Automatic Bilge Pump will help remove unwanted water too.

Bilge Painting Accessories

Additional useful equipment for bilge maintenance.

Inline Water Pump IL200P
Save: £5.34 (12%)
Clear Braided Hose
from £1.22
International Danboline Bilge Paint
Save: £3.74 (13%)
Rule Bilge Blower
from £35.59
Save: £5.93 (14%)
Flexible Ducting - 75mm (3") x 1m
from £7.50
Rule Float Switch
Save: £5.33 (13%)
Rule LoPro LP900S Automatic Bilge Pump
Save: £12.00 (15%)

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