Underwater Gear Projects & Solutions Part One

A series of FREE Mini Guides for boating projects that run through the basic steps for the practical boat owner. This Mini Guide concentrates on what to look for when inspecting, repairing or renewing the Underwater Gear including the propeller and cutlass bearing condition.


Propeller Inspection

Propellers can often be repaired so it is worth while checking the condition when out of the water.

Key points to look for include bent blades, chips & nicks, damage at the boss (the centre point where the blades meet) or signs that electrolysis has set in.


Repair or Replace

Chips & nicks can easily be filled and cleaned as a repair. Bent blades can also usually be reshaped & then re-balanced.

Damage at the boss or electrolysis fatigue usually requires a new propeller.

Look for signs of ‘pinkness’ which indicates electrolysis and tap the propeller blade to see if it has an unfortunate ‘dull thud’ indicating a fault, or a healthy ‘ring’ to it.


Cutlass Bearings

Found within the ‘P’ Bracket, the Cutlass Bearing holds the propeller shaft true whilst allowing for rotation.

If there is significant play or wear a replacement is wise to prevent damaging more expensive underwater gear, the gearbox or engine.

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Castle Nut & Split Pin

Check the condition of the propeller shaft nut and split pin holding the propeller in place and replace if necessary.

Underwater Gear Accessories

Additional equipment for underwater gear projects.

Copyright © Sheridan Marine 2015. All rights reserved. E&OE. This is a project guidance sheet and not a ‘How-to’ fact book. It is presumed that all work is carried out safely following the product manufacturers instructions. Each project may differ so may need further discussions and guidance. Disable the engine so that there is no chance it starts while you work on the gear.