WaterMota Petrol Engines™

WaterMota Petrol Engines™

Parts and servicing for the WaterMota Sea Wolf, Sea Tiger and Sea Leopard available from Sheridan Marine. Supplying and manufacturing the parts for the Ford based marinised engines.

Pre-Crossflow or Crossflow Petrol Engine?

WaterMota Crossflow Petrol EngineThere are two types of WaterMota Petrol Engines™, available in various varieties, the Sea Wolf and Sea Tiger names were used on both the Pre-Crossflow and Crossflow engines. The earlier Pre-Crossflow Sea Wolf is 997cc and the Sea Tiger is 1500cc. The later Crossflow Sea Wolf is 1100cc and the Sea Tiger is 1600cc.

The different versions are easy to distinguish, the pre-crossflow versions have the carburettor on top of the exhaust manifold and the crossflow versions have the carburettor on the opposite side of the head to the exhaust manifold, the gases flow across the head hence the term 'crossflow'.

Whilst the Sea Tiger and the Sea Wolf are the most popular engines in use there is also the Sea Leopard and the side valve based on the 93A and 100E Ford engines, for which many of the parts are also still available.

WaterMota Engines and E10 Petrol

E10 Petrol, which is Unlead Petrol with up to 10% renewable ethanol is coming to the UK in September 2021, find out how and if it will affect your WaterMota engine by reading our blog post: Will E10 Petrol Affect My WaterMota Boat Engine?

Spare Parts

WaterMota Engine SparesThe relevant manuals discuss servicing and contain exploded diagrams of the parts of the engine. The diagrams can be useful when ordering parts.

General engine service kits include:

  • Points (Contact Set)
  • Spark Plugs
  • Condenser
  • Fan Belt (Alternator Belt)
  • Oil Filter - Generally a paper element filter is used on the Pre-Crossflow engines and a canister (throw-away) filter is used on the Crossflow engines.

More specialised service kits can go on to include:

  • HT Leads
  • Distributor Cap
  • Rotor Arm
  • Water Pump Parts & Service Kits (Including: Seals, O Ring, Impeller, Gaskets & Face Plate Screws)
  • Carburettor Gaskets & Service Kits
  • Rocker Gasket

Parts are available individually or as kits depending on your requirements.

Other popular parts include Exhaust Manifolds, Exhaust Bends, Thermostats & Thermostat Housings, Head and exhaust gaskets, internal parts such as valves, valve springs, starter motors, alternators, dynamos and core plugs.

Which Exhaust Bend?

The above WaterMota exhaust bends are all available from stock, along with gaskets, studs & nuts.

History of the WaterMota Engines

WaterMota have been producing marinised engines since 1911, ever changing and modernising their products, they have gone on to become main distributors for DooSan and Westerbeke engines. Having produced their famous Sea Wolf, Sea Tiger and Sea Leopard range of marine petrol engines, WaterMota passed the manufacture and supply of spare parts on to Sheridan Marine. Who, have years of experience with these engines, as many thousands of them were fitted in the Freeman Cruisers range.

This not only allowed the supply to continue but also to be expanded so that other boats, such as Birchwoods, Camper & Nicholson 32s and many other classic boats were able to source WaterMota spare parts.

Similar Ford Based Marine Engines

Other manufacturers marinsed Ford engines, particularly Parsons, CT Marine and Wortham Blake, many of the WaterMota based parts can be utilised on these models too. Sheridan Marine stock a range of parts for these marinised engines too.

WaterMota Engines & J-Type Gearboxes - Find Out More

For more information on WaterMota Engine and J-Type Gearbox spare parts please phone us.