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Bonda Anti-rust and corrosion primer is manufactured by Rustins, a leading manufacturer of wood finishes established in 1924. Manufacturing many of their products in their North London factory in England, Rustins marry heritage of excellence and quality with modern day materials, process and technologies to produce high grade surface coatings.

As the marine environment is very harsh on top surfaces it is important to help protect your assest and prevent the general wear-and-tear that harsh conditions bring. For many, painting surfaces is the answer so surface preparation is key. Metal surfaces require specific steps in preparation to allow top coat finishes to adhere correctly in most cases. Bonda Rust Primer is a resin based zinc anti-rust coating for metal priming allowing you to treat and prime metal in one easy step prior to top coat painting.

Bonda metal primer has a variety of uses at home or on your boat. Prime your metal garden fence to prolong its life or your steel barge prior to that lovely high gloss finish!

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