Camingaz - Mobile Cooking & LPG Gas Suppliers

Campingaz all began in 1949 when three friends and their families from Lyon, France, set out for a camping trip. Whilst away they noticed that there was a lack of portable cooking appliances availble on the market for those camping. The three friends intorduced a small, blue, portable and refillable gas cylinder and named it the 'bidon blue'.

By 1952, such was the popularity of this unique offerring, Campingaz began developing stoves and other easy-to-use, afforable equipment to enable more people to enjoy the outdoors. The success led to the Campingaz cylinders to be popular thrughout Europe. This wider distribution gave travellers peace of mind as they could now 'exchange' cylinders when away.

1994 saw Campingaz become one of the first companies to introduce gas-powered barbecues, making it easier for friends and familes to enjoy outdoor cooking at home. Tod this day Campingaz is popular for boat owners owing to the compact sie of their bottles which are easier to store on board than other offerrings.

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