Elsan - Toilet Sanitation and Hygiene

Elsan are a UK manufacturer of high quality chemical toilet sanitation and hygiene products for boating, caravanning and camping. With over 100 years of experience in sanitation Elsan are experts in their field and Sheridan Marine are proud to stock and supply Elsan toilet chemicals.

Elsan began life in London, 1920, when amature chemist Ephraim Louis Jackson saw a universal need for indoor sanitation. He quickly designed and patented a unique indoor toilet design to work with his special chemicals that killed diseases and prevented foul odours. As popularity grew for his design he began the company Elsan, spelt with his initials E.L., and the first three letters of sanitation.

Amid the late 1920's Elsan grew considerably, shipping products to India, Africa and the USA. Coming into the 1930's Mr Jackson sold Elsan to a rival, Sanitas. This was a blessing for Elsan as the deep pockets of a larger competitor allowed Elsan to get through the 1930's depression, widening its scope across the world. Following the depression, when household incomes grew, and demand for better living conditions meant that buying an Elsan toilet was the first step to a household toilet for many.

As homes were built to better standards and mains toilets took over from portable toilets Elsans market looked to be declining until the 1950's and 1960's where manufacturing techniques allowed for the construction of motor vehicles and caravans. This new leisure market continued to grow as it became more affordable and Elsan flourished again as portable toilet sales increased. Nowadays Elsan continues to manufacture the iconic Elsan Blue chemical toilet fluid alongside newer, biological formulated Elsan Green toilet fluid amongst other innovative mobile living sanitation products.

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