Compact Flat Chrome Mixer Tap

Compact Flat Chrome Mixer Tap

Chrome plated, flat neck, compact metal mixer tap with hot and cold control knobs, folding faucet and rectangluar water flow nozzle.

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Compact Flat Chrome Mixer Tap (WA067B)

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Compact Flat Chrome Mixer Tap Information

This chrome plated boat bathroom or kitchen mixer tap features a flat faucet that produces a rectangular water flow from the spout. With independent hot and cold water mixer knobs you can adjust the temperature more accurately.

The boat fresh water mixer tap has a folding faucet which can help if you require the tap to be stowed away.

You can install this tap quite simply by inserting the two water feed pipes, that have quite standard 3/8" BSP thread, down through the surface and clamping in place with the provide seal and clamps.

The 3/8" BSP thread can then be used to connect to your water system, either directly or with a 3/8" to 1/2" hosetail adapter (sold separately at Sheridan Marine) which you can then place your hose directly on to the hosetail with a hose clip.

Compact Flat Chrome Mixer Tap Specification

Width 155mm
Depth 105mm
Above Base Height (min-max) 36-190mm
Below Base Height 32mm
Fixing Shaft Diameter 2x 16mm (Centres 65mm)
Input Connections 3/8" BSP Male Thread

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