Small Folding Trolley
  • Small Folding Trolley
  • Small Folding Trolley
  • Small Folding Trolley

Small Folding Trolley

A lightweight foldable aluminium hand trolley that helps transport bulky items and can be easily stowed on board your boat.

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Small Folding Trolley (FE905)


Small Folding Trolley Information

This small aluminium folding trolley provides a simple way to help transport your belongings to and from your boat with ease. The folding trolley features an easy to use extending/folding mechanism which allows the user to extend the grip handle and lock the folding mechanism in place to prevent the trolley from collapsing shut when in use.

The handle has a plastic grip and the trolley has wide wheels that provide excellent support (up to 30kg) and run smoothly and easily along the surface.

The extending/folding mechanism has a two-point locking action and the pallet shelf has twin elastic cords with hooks to fasten gear on.

When folded neatly away this folding boat trolley measures only 13cm deep and 44cm high so storage onboard your boat should not be a problem. If storage is an issue it can quite happily stow in the car until you have returned to your mooring.

Folding Trolley Uses

When loaded correctly this aluminium folding trolley could be ideal for several situations including:

  • Transporting personal belongings to and from your boat or caravan
  • Transporting fresh drinking water tanks to and from your boat or caravan
  • Transporting shopping
  • Transporting marine engine and gearbox parts

Small Folding Trolley Specification

Carrying Capacity 30kg
Height Folded 440mm
Height in use 950mm
Width 240mm
Depth Folded 130mm
Depth in use 350mm
Pallet Shelf Width 190mm
Wheel Diameter 74mm
Weight 1.1kg

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