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  • Trem Outboard Bracket Shoe

Trem Outboard Bracket Shoe

An anodised aluminium outboard bracket shoe for quick and easy fitting and removal of outboard motor bracket.

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Trem Outboard Bracket Shoe (OB214)

By: Trem, Part No.: 00500280

Trem Outboard Bracket Shoe Information

This anodised aluminium Trem outboard bracket shoe provides a means of having a removable outboard bracket as it provides a 'track' for outboard bracket mounts to slip in and out of when necessary.

This removable outboard bracket shoe can be fixed to the stern of your boat providing an easy to use 'slot' for outboard brackets to be placed into and held firmly in place with the locating fixing wing screws for use.

Primarily designed as a auxiliary bracket for outboard engines with the approximate horsepower of 7.5 to 20HP.

It can also be fitted in a suitable location elsewhere on board for storing an outboard motor and bracket whilst not in use; also ideal for home storage in a shed or garage during the winter.

With eight fixing holes and a high-strength aluminium design installing this bracket is easy. There are three locating locking screws that holds the outboard bracket in place which can be released when the outboard is not required.

Trem Outboard Bracket Shoe Specifications

Height 241mm
Width 180mm
Depth 17mm
Track Height 228mm
Track Width 135mm (with a 32mm wide guide track in the middle)
Track Depth 5mm
Fixing Hole Centres 63mm x 163mm
Suitable for Trem Multiple Position 20HP Outboard Bracket

Please note: Outboard bracket sold separately at Sheridan Marine.

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