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Kontrol - Moisture Control

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Bill Bates began Kontrol in Jersey, the Channel Islands in the 1970's, where he found a solution to prevent woodworm and dry rot affecting the scaffolding business. Bill expanded his distribution channels, reputation, and customer base and during the 1980's expanded to the southern regions of the UK grabbing the eye of Scaffolding Great Brtiain whom later bought the company.

The Kontrol brand name was held onto by Bill and through the 1990's Ken Bates, Bills son, joined the company bringing knowledge and developing products for the moisture trap refill market.

In 2007 Ken travelled to China to find a solution to his continued problem of condensation within his own property. Damp Kontrol was developed and launched with great success. Kontrol Group now distribute their products around the world and strive to provide reliable and great products to help with everyday issues.