Echofish 300 - Handheld
  • Echofish 300 - Handheld
  • Echofish 300 - Handheld
  • Echofish 300 - Handheld
  • Echofish 300 - Handheld
  • Echofish 300 - Handheld

Echofish 300 Handheld Fish Finder with Handheld Transducer

A compact and portable handheld fish finder with handheld transducer and backlit LCD graphic display.

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Echofish 300 Fish Finder with Handheld Transducer (EQ808)

By: Plastimo Part No.: 56733

Echofish 300 Handheld Fish Finder with Handheld Transducer Information

The Plastimo Echofish 300 Handheld Fish Finder is an innovative fish finder that provides all the features of an installed fish finder with the added benefit of portability. By using sonar technology this portable fish finder can illustrate information such as water depth, water temperature, bottom contour and fish location on to a portable device.

This compact fish finder fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and offers a backlit FSTN LCD display; ideal for finding the location of fish and bottom contours in rivers, seas, oceans and lakes.

This Echofish 300 Handheld Fish Finder comes complete with the handheld transducer sensor which is designed to held into the water from the side of a boat or held into the water from the shore. The transducer simply plugs into the top of the fish finder display unit using the 7m cable.

The fish finder display unit has an FSTN LCD screen, three control buttons, a transducer sensor input plug, a removable battery compartment back and a quick release clip neck strap toggle on the bottom.

How does the Echofish 300 Fish Finder work?

The Echofish 300 works with sonar technology based on sound waves. The integrated system uses sonar to locate and define structure, bottom contour and composition, as well as depth directly below the transducer.

The transducer sends a sound wave signal and determines distance by measuring the time between the transmission of the sound wave and when the sound wave is reflected off an object; it then uses the reflected signal to interpret location, size, and composition of an object.

All this information is sent through the connecting wire and is displayed on the fish finder screen which displays the Water Surface Line, Upper Zoom Range, Lower Zoom Range, Water Depth, Water Temperature, Bottom Contour, Fish Icon with Depth, Sensitivity Indicator and Battery Strength Indicator.

There are various options available for configuration such as the Depth Alarm, which allows you to set an minimum depth setting, and the Fish Alarm, which signals the presence of fish.

Echofish 300 Specifications

Height 119.4mm
Width 75mm
Depth 30.2mm
Transducer Senor Type Handheld Transducer Sensor
Transducer Senor Strength 200kHz
Transducer Wire Length 7m
Sensor Beam Angle 45 Degrees
Depth Range Maximum 70m
Depth Range Minimum 0.6m
Operational Temperatures from -20°C to 70°C
Measure Units Feet and Metres
Screen Size (Pixels) 48 x 42mm (128 x 64)
Power Requirement 4x AAA Alkaline Batteries
Waterproof Rating IPX4


  • Echofish 300 Fish Finder
  • Handheld Transducer Senor with 7m of cable
  • Quick release clip Neck Strap.

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