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Freeman 35/41 Rubbing Strake Rubber

Rubber insert for the Freeman Cruiser rubbing strakes found on many of the Freeman 35's and 41's and is designed to fender impacts and knocks that may occur.

Part #: FW017A
Availability: Not Currently Available

This product is not currently available, we hope to have it available again soon.

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Freeman 35/41 Rubbing Strake Rubber

The Freeman Cruiser Rubbing Strake Rubber often found on the Freeman 35's and 41's is available by the coil which is suitable for the entire distance around the boat. Simply inserted into the original channel this rubber insert provides a protective buffer below the toe rail.

Not only does new rubber enhance the boats aesthetics it is also important in helping to preserve the structure and well being of the boat. It is designed to cushion impacts and disperse any pressure along the channel. With a sound and pliable rubber insert you may find that minor bumps will not cause major problems and could potentially help save any major structural repair.

Freeman 35/41 Rubbing Strake Rubber Specifications

Suitable for Freeman 35's & Freeman 41's
Colour Black
Please Note

Today, many Freeman Cruisers may well have been adapted, changed, enhanced and modified since being manufactured so may have a different rubbing strake design. If you are unsure of the Rubbing Strake that is installed on your boat please contact us.

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