Solar Shower

Solar Shower

A practical and environmental friendly solar shower that produces hot shower conditions outdoors.

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Solar Shower - 15 litres (WA997)

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Solar Shower Information

The solar shower is designed to provide hot water by way of heat absorption. When the container is filled with water it should be placed in direct sunlight in order for it to warm up. In approximately three hours you should be able to have a nice and relaxing warm shower.

The solar shower is made from a robust plastic to hold the weight of the water and provide a stable bag of water. A ridge hollow pole is inserted at the very top to add rigidity to the bag and also allow the supplied rope to be fed through so the shower can be hung in a suitable position.

Water is added through the large cap at the top of the bag which when closed is completely water tight.

The shower itself works on the basis of gravity, so the shower head unit is attached via a tube to the bottom of the bag utilising the maximum amount of water possible.

The shower head is a typical dispersing head and a clip system along the water tube provides an 'on / off' function to the shower.

All-in-all this is a very economic and environmentally friendly device for a little bit of home comfort outdoors!

Solar Shower Specifications

Capacity 15L

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