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Anza Paint Trays

Rigid plastic Anza paint trays with molded raised drainage slope to help work the paint into the roller providing an even distribution of paint.

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Paint Tray - 15cm (PA250)

By: Anza, Part No.: 621014

Paint Tray - 18cm (PA251)

By: Anza, Part No.: 621018

Paint Tray - 10cm (PA252)

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Anza Paint Trays Information

Rigid plastic Anza paint trays that have a molded raised drainage slope to help work the paint into the roller and provide an even distribution of paint on to the surface being painted.

These Anza paint trays are designed to accept Anza Paint Tray Liners for multiple and disposable use.

Anza Paint Tray Specifications

  PA250 PA251
Width 20cm 22cm
Length 26cm 30cm
Height 55mm 55mm
Drainage Slope Length 15cm 18cm
Suitable Paint Tray Inserts Anza 15cm Slope Anza 18cm Slope

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