Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion

Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion

The Jabsco toilet conversion kit allows you to convert your Jabsco manual toilet to a fully electric marine toilet.

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Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion (TT120)

By: Jabsco, Part No.: 29200-0120
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Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion Information

The Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion Kit allows you to easily convert an existing manual boat toilet to an electric boat toilet without the hassle of a completely new toilet installation. The conversion unit directly replaces the manual toilet hand pump on both compact and regular size toilets. It is easy to fit with no alterations to your existing pipework and you can replace the manual pump if you need to.

The electric toilet conversion houses a water pump for the flush system and a macerator for the disposal of the waste into your holding tank or overboard.

Can I Convert My Existing Jabsco Manual Marine Toilet to an Electric Toilet?

Yes! The Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion can be used to convert PAR or Jabsco manual toilets (part numbers starting with 29090 and 29120), it will also fit many copy part manual toilets, however, you will need to double-check the suitability before buying.

  • Fits Jabsco Toilets with part numbers starting 29090 and 29120
  • Fits both Compact and Regular bowl toilets

Jabsco Electric Toilet Conversion Installation

It is important that the conversion is installed as per the manufacturer's instructions, it cannot be installed where the flush water comes from a pressurised water system, the rinse water must come via a seacock.

It is also important that the electrical supply goes directly to the toilet conversion via its own fuse and is not shared with other electrical devices. The wiring must be large enough so as to avoid voltage drop, the toilet conversion is a high amperage load and will not run correctly if it is underpowered.

You need to check that your existing toilets joker valve (located in the discharge elbow at the bottom of the toilet)is in good condition. If it is not, or it is old, then it is advisable to buy a new joker valve when you buy the Jabsco toilet conversion kit.

The conversion unit must not be run dry as it contains rubber impellers that can degrade or burn out unless they are lubricated.

Is The Jabsco Electric Toilet Conversion Noisy?

Yes! The toilet conversion is not quiet and runs with a distinctive hum, the unit cannot be returned due to noise. If you are looking for a quieter electric toilet then you need a [product=1058Jabsco Liteflush Toilet[/product] or a Jabsco Deluxe Flush Toilet.

Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion Specification

Voltage 12v
Fuse Size 25 amp
Amp Draw 25 amp
Height 270mm
Width 87mm
Depth 150mm

Included in the Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion

  • 1 x Jabsco Manual to Electric Toilet Conversion Unit
  • 1 x Jabsco Toilet Rinse Hose
  • 1 x Jabsco Water Inlet Strainer
  • 1 x Jabsco Toilet Base Gasket

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