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Rule ID20 Boat Inflator Adapter Kit

A spare set of adapters for use with the Rule ID20 boat inflator pump.

By Rule : ID20K
Part #: BF507A
Availability: Good Availability
SRP £11.90
You Save £1.20 (10%)


Rule ID20 Boat Inflator Adapter Kit

A complete set of spare adapters for the Rule ID20 High Speed 12v Inflator/Deflator in case you have misplaced the original inflation adapters.

Various combinations of the adapters allow you to inflate and deflate many different boat types including Avon, Bombard, Compass, Quicksilver, Ribcraft, Zodiac and many others, as well as simple inflatable boats and airbeds etc.

A complete set of adapters is included with the new inflator pumps, you do not need to buy the adapters separately.

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