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Boat fenders, or buoys, are a fundamental accessory for any boat. They are designed to provide protection from damage during mooring, either along side another boat, in a lock or at your mooring dock.

Most fenders are inflated marine PVC, usually cylindrical or ball shaped, and are hung from fender cleats on the boats deck or other fixing locations on board such as pulpit rails, stachions and bollards. Adjustable fender flutes for rails can help with height and position changes during the mooring process.

Specialist boat fenders exist to, such as 'corner' fenders, 'bow' fenders and 'step' fenders. These have been created to provide further flexibility for application to help protect your pride and joy from unwanted knocks and scratches.

Most nautical boat fenders are burst and UV resistant to stand up against the harsh marine environment. Fender cleaners are also available to help keep them in their prime for longer.

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