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Autosol Marine Protection Coating

A nanoparticle coating to help protect gelcoat and painted surfaces from environmental influences such as algae keep the gelcoat shining for longer after cleaning.

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Autosol Marine Protection Coating

Autosol Marine Protection Coating is a special nanoparticle protective coating that can be applied to your boats gelcoat after a good cleaning to help protect the gelcoat or paint and keep your boat shiny for longer.

 Autosol High Performance Marine Protection Coating contains nanoparticles and hydrophobic polymers which effectively seal the gelcoat with a thin protective layer to stop grime from taking hold. Once applied the protective layer will bead rain and water, reducing the build up of calcium, salt and other dirt found in our rain, rivers and seas.

Autosol Marine Protection Coating Advantages

  • Boosts and protects gloss finish
  • Repels Water
  • Reduces algae and calcium build up
  • Makes the removal of salt spots, stains and water marks easier
  • UV Protection

Autosol Marine Protection Coating is perfect for applying to your hull after a polish, especially if your boat is a dark colour such as blue (which tends to show the scale build up more obviously). It also helps to make ongoing cleaning easier as the stains sit on top of the protective layer rather than on or in the gelcoat meaning a gentle clean should be all that's needed to remove any water marks, salt spots or stains.

How to Apply Autosol Marine Protection Coating

Shake Autosol Marine Protection Coating well before use. Apply a small amount of Autosol Marine Protection Coating to a clean cotton cloth or sponge and apply by hand in a circular motion. Work in different directions to ensure good coverage. Work a section at a time until the surface dries. Remove sealant residue with a polishing cloth. Do not apply to hot surfaces.


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