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Hempel Multicoat Semi-Gloss Paint 2.5L

A semi-gloss topcoat or primer providing excellent durability to topcoats above the waterline and good resistance to sunlight, water and oil.

By Hempel Paint : 51120-10000-2.5L
Part #: BP038E
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Hempel Multicoat Semi-Gloss Paint 2.5L

Product Highlights

Semi-Gloss Finish
Can be used as its own primer

Hempel Multicoat is a high opacity semi-gloss topcoat and primer, providing excellent durability with good resistance to water and oil. Ideal for all areas above the waterline where a semi-gloss durable topcoat is required, including decks, bilges and lockers.

Hempel Multicoat can also be used as a complete coating system onto new or bare wood.

Hempel Multicoat can be used within boat bilge and lockers and keeping the engine bay clean is an effective way to prevent damage to vital components. By ensuring the engine bay is clean and kept in good condition it can be easier to find potential problems arising before emergency repair, while cruising, is necessary. Oil or fuel leaks, which can be very dangerous, and engine water leaks can potentially be highlighted more easily with a quick visual check.

Some boat safety schemes require a well maintained bilge area for both the protection and safety of the vessel and also the safety and well being of the environment you are cruising in.


Our Part No. BP038E BP038D
Price £56.40
Brand Hempel Paint
Manufacturers Part No. 51120-10000-2.5L 51120-19990-2.5L

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