U-Pol Tack Cloths - Box of 10

U-Pol Tack Cloths

High performance synthetic tack cloths for removing dust before painting. Ideal for use when gloss painting or varnishing your boat.

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U-Pol Tack Cloths - Box of 10 (CM135)

By: U-Pol, Part No.: TRAG/10

U-Pol Tack Cloth - Each (CM135A)

By: U-Pol, Part No.: TRAG/1

U-Pol Tack Cloths Information

High performance U-Pol Maximum Tack Cloths are non-woven synthetic fabric with a tacky coating designed for removing and trapping dust from surfaces before painting or varnishing. Each tack cloth is individually sealed to keep it soft and tacky, so they are ready to use when you need them.

When Should I Use a Tack Cloth?

Tack cloths should be used prior to applying paint or varnish, they remove the last fine remnants of dust which may arise during preparation and final coating. They work best on dry clean surfaces, and are not designed to be used as a general cleaning cloth and will simply smear or smudge dirt.

They are most useful on your boat when you are:

  • Varnishing Exterior and Interior Woodwork
  • Painting the Hull or Superstructure

Tack cloths are one use cloths, and once they are full of dust they cannot be cleaned or washed so must be thrown away.

U-Pol Tack Cloths Specification

  CM135 CM135A
Quantity 10 1

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